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Hashimoto Hearts Study Tours

  • Customised tours
  • Small groups
  • Bilingual guide
  • Tours of substance – 80 – 90% industry related, 10 – 20% specified time for Japanese traditional culture related activities
  • Time allocated for briefings to get the best from the tour
  • Participate in on-farm visits
  • Greater understanding of retail and wholesale supply chains
  • Observe cutting-edge research
  • Single room accommodation without an additional fee

Personalised Exploration Service

  • Short customised Tour
  • Extension option on 10 day tours

Educational School/University Tours

  • On farm visit experience
  • Opportunity for students to eat fresh produce
  • Enhance understanding of Japan, farming and the traditional methods of food preparation.

If you have a further enquiry please do not hesitate to contact Hashimoto Hearts.