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About Hashimoto Hearts

Hashimoto Hearts was established in March 2015 after extensive research and identification of a market for customised tours. Up until now such tours have not been available, often due to language barriers.

Hashimoto Hearts is owner-operated  – with direct relationships with farm owners and industry related facilities. Participants will therefore experience a personalised schedule not an impersonal travel agent style package tour. Although some in-country travel arrangements are made by a third party travel agent, Hashimoto Hearts is not a travel agency.

Hashimoto Hearts also caters for educational student day tours. Hashimoto Hearts is able to provide tours in Japanese for those students learning Japanese at school or University or provide the tour experience in English if this is preferred. Students will have the opportunity to understand more about the Japan, farming and the traditional methods of food preparation.

Hashimoto Hearts ensures that participants experience a professional and personal service stemming from an understanding of exceptional customer service, the pinnacle of Japan etiquette and Australian culture.

About Ryo Hashimoto

Hashimoto Hearts Managing Director, Ryo Hashimoto, is fortunate to have experienced studying, working and living in Australia and Japan.
Ryo is bilingual speaking Japanese and English and is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Ryo’s family have owned small businesses in Japan and Australia and his Australian wife’s family have both a small business and farming background.
Given Ryo’s work in multicultural environments, educational and tourism roles, he was keen to show the rest of the world the advances in Japan often overlooked due to the small size of many industry commodities. Even though some industries may be conducted on small holding, the technological advances in Japan can not be overlooked.

Ryo, a former teacher having trained at University in Australia and then having taught at an International School in Japan understands the importance of educational needs and presentation of materials.

As a Queensland Government project officer, Ryo was responsible for the organisation of educational and tourism in-bound tours from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Further to this Ryo was employed by the former Minister for Multicultural Affairs and therefore understands the workings of government and the importance of relationships.